1923 - 2016

The Richard Myles Johnson Foundation was established as the California Filene Foundation in 1958 for the purpose of promoting credit union education and building a vibrant leadership force for the future.

 "The Foundation honors me with naming this highly regarded organization which shares my passion for education and the growth of the credit union movement, which I hold so dear."

 "I'm proud to be involved in an organization which contributes to the education of consumers on the basics of personal finance. Financial independence is a goal all Americans share. Yet, many Americans have never learned the basics of personal finance - the tools necessary to build sound financial futures."

Richard Myles (Dick) Johnson was a credit union visionary whose contributions have inspired countless leaders throughout the credit union movement.

Richard Myles Johnson, or Dick Johnson, began his credit union profession after finishing a 30-year career in the United States Marine Corps, where he retired as a colonel. Many of the same strong personal values he developed in service to his country were then put to use in his service to credit unions. His hard work, dedication, loyalty, honor and commitment benefited credit unions for close to another 30 years as he made his contributions to the credit union movement. Most of his credit union career was spent in leading Western Corporate Federal Credit Union (WesCorp) to become the nation's largest and most progressive corporate credit union, until his retirement 2002 as President and CEO. Dick Johnson's visionary impact on credit unions was evidenced by the multitude of leadership roles he undertook at the state level of WesCorp and the California Credit Union League, at the national level for the corporate credit union system, and by those he held within the financial services industry. He demonstrated an unwavering dedication to improving the credit union movement and reinforcing its "people helping people" philosophy and spirit.

But what truly set apart his overall contributions to credit unions was the large number of leaders he helped build. He served as a mentor and inspiration to many who went on to make their own contributions in the credit union world. From the many individuals he guided as an instructor for Western CUNA Management School, the lives of the multitude of peers he has touched and enriched, to the careers of those he directly influenced, there are few individuals that will leave behind such a lasting imprint for their efforts in helping credit unions to promote financial education and independence for consumers as does Dick Johnson. In an effort to honor a legend, the Richard Myles Johnson Foundation was renamed in 1999 in his name.

Our namesake, Dick Johnson, wrote the following letter to attendees of the Gala.

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